Thursday, April 11, 2013



Ok, this is not a blog about the wonders of Australia that I’ve recently seen, but it is something that happened in Australia. I went shopping by myself of my own free will - only my husband and my daughter really understand what a big deal this is! I never go shopping unless I just absolutely have to get out and go (like there’s a special event that afternoon). Online vendors were invented just for me; I am so happy to peruse at home and click on that ‘shopping cart’ button! Since I was feeling a bit homesick or something today (maybe just tired from not sleeping well), I decided maybe I should try out that old adage: when the going gets tough, the tough go shopping! It seems to have worked because here I am, writing one of those millions of blogs that have been going through my head.

Hubby has been after me for a while to get a new carryon bag. He’s very gentle in this, mind you, but just suggests every time we fly something along the lines of “Are you taking *that* bag again?” *That* bag is something that looks like an oversized bowling ball bag and since the airlines have crowded the seats even closer together (doesn’t seem possible but they have!), *that* bag barely fits these days. Oh, it’s fine as far as the legal size goes, but just trying to turn it on its side when it’s loaded and cram it down between seats and then under the seat in front of you can bring up a good sweat… and OMG if I have to pull it out inflight to get something out! However, this was a FREE bag! Yup. It was a great gift to me from the nice lady behind the Estee Lauder counter who was so happy I restocked on my favorite fragrance, body lotion, and body powder that she gave me this wonderful bag about ???? years ago. And I mean years ago.

So.. here I was, feeling schlumpy… and as a side note, I looked up the definition of schlumpy.

It reads, and I quote:

“Looking like a schlump; slovenly or unbecoming.”

Well, of course it said that, but that didn’t satisfy me so I looked further for the word ‘schlump’ :

“Yiddish: shlump sloppy or dowdy person”

I just knew I would’ve made a good Jewish mother; I love Yiddish!

Anyway, I digress… so feeling schlumpy and homesick a bit, I tested the theory of ‘shopping will make you feel better.’ I am here to say, YES, it does! I am probably the only person on the planet who needed to test that theory, but the results are positive!

I realize it’s only a bag but you know how some people are ‘shoe people’ or ‘hat people’ or ‘jewelry people’ or whatever floats your boat? I am a purse/bag person! Yes, I’m coming out of the closet now: I love a good purse. There are lots of nice purses out there but to find the one that I think is finally the perfect one? It’s a quest, my friends, a lifelong quest. Just ask my daughter who has had the dubious thrill of going shopping with me when I’m in one of my ‘find a purse’ moods. Fortunately, those moods are rare. The purse I am using now is one I found, you guessed it, online. J

So, without further ado, a picture:


And since one bag is good, then two must be better, yes?

And, drum roll here: THEY WERE ON SALE!!! Probably the best deal in Sydney these days! I bought them from a cute little shop in Darling Harbour called Bag Me. I tried to find a website for them so I could give them the credit they are due but sadly, they don’t seem to have one. I did find this link with picture for you though:

So there’s my adventure for today. It was a small adventure but a fun one. Let me know if you like them or even if you don’t. I can handle it. I like them and frankly, they’re for me, hahaha!

I do have lots of ideas for blogs, and I most definitely owe you readers one about the Taronga Zoo, so I will try not to get too distracted and start working on one soon, but I think now I’m off to work on my knitting for a while. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Great bags! Congrats on a successful shopping trip!
    : )) Lola

  2. just discovered your fantastic blog. I love it. Congratulations on a very successful shopping trip. The new bags are fabulous

    :) Pat

  3. yay! and good job! and cute! =)

  4. Replies
    1. we can put bricks in it and drown it in the harbour? ha

  5. You did good---love the bags and the blog! :-)