Wednesday, May 22, 2013

"It's All Happening at the Zoo" (Simon and Garfunkel)

One rainy Saturday in April, hubby and I decided it was time to get out even though neither one of us are 'rain' people. After all, we are in Australia! We should do something! So, we walked to the train station, took the train to the Circular Quay, hopped a ferry, and off we went over to Mosman, a suburb of Sydney, to head to the zoo. That sounds like quite a trip, but all in all, it was about 30 minutes, maybe 45 if you stretch it a bit. The Taronga Zoo is not too large but large enough to have a great variety of animals. It was opened in 1916, so it's been around a long time. Some of the architecture is amazing! I love studying animals so even in the rain, I was pretty happy to be there. Since a zoo is mostly visual, I decided to let our pictures do the writing for this particular post, with a few captions to help you understand what you're seeing.

a wet day, busy, but not crowded

this is a view of Sydney CBD from over at Mosman

i want some dinosaurs for my yard!!

guess who! he totally wasn't interested in posing for us!

hubby grabbed my arm and pointed up: this was over my head!

yeah... that's what i said, too! yikes! just garden spiders but HUGE...

do you see what's behind me??? OMG!

can you find the elephants in this picture? and be nice!

these pelicans are big! i'm glad they were uninterested in me...

the big cats were waiting for lunch... got some GREAT photos!

a happy couple, i'm sure

so close.. isn't she spectacular?

and she's hungry....

and bored with us! ha! look at those teeth!

the gorgeous snow leopard

he looks so relaxed perched up there!

peek a boo!!

who are these funny animals?

the king

is this the cutest penguin ever? this is a fairy penguin, native to australia

tyger, tyger burning bright (blake)

those people are not paying attention to that big cat in the tree! (it was not real)

you can't be at the zoo in australia and not see a (bored) koala!
We spent several hours walking around and having a really enjoyable day, in spite of the misty, drizzly weather. The big cats were certainly the highlight, since they were so active because it was feeding time. There were other animals, of course.. I just couldn't post every picture here. Thanks for coming along on this quick trip to the Taronga Zoo!


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