Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine’s Day!

Surprise!! Here I am, writing a blog, wow! It’s been way too long, but I make no excuses… it is what it is… I've always said: the hardest part to writing a blog is showing up!

So as many of you know, I’ve been battling the incredible, horrible, terrible flu. This stuff is B.A.D.  It sucks all your energy away, leaving you feverish, exhausted, nauseated, and a real basket case, and it can last up to 2 weeks!  You have no energy to do anything except move from the bed to the couch and back to bed. Boring! I read, watched TV, and played on the computer, but I needed more!!  After several days of lying around, the cabin fever really started to move in. I am not one to lie around eating bonbons on a good day and lying around feeling bad doesn’t make it any better. As soon as I was able, I started thinking of something creative (anything!) I could do while I had a little energy.

and it hit me: HEARTS! A basket (well, in my case, a bowl) of hearts! It was an idea I’d had rolling around in my creative brain for a while, and now seemed the perfect time to try it out. I grabbed my fabric scraps basket, found a heart pattern that I had that was just the size I needed, and went to work.

I cut 2 of each fabric swatch until I had 10 pairs of hearts. I stitched each pair together, using hand sewing with various stitches. I was after a rustic look which was good, because I didn’t feel like sitting or standing at my sewing machine. I filled each heart with some polyester fiberfill, finished off the stitching, added embellishments on some, and tossed them into a bowl that I purchased at Target, sitting on my dining room table.  I scented some of the polyfill in some of them but not all of them, just so there was a slight scent but nothing overwhelming. 

I like them! It was a great way to pass the time, feeling like I was accomplishing something, and not ‘overdoing it’ while I was recovering.  What do you think? I have my favorites, but I enjoyed making them all!


  1. Lovely hearts!! Great idea! Glad you are feeling better!

  2. Such a cute idea! They look great!


  3. Good job! Hope you are feeling better! I have come down with similar, but Dr. says it is not the flu, I think it is & the one that wasn't covered in the shot!

  4. I'm so sorry you're dealing with this stuff! I agree; I think there are too many strains out there to count... I think I tried on as many as my body could handle until it found one that stuck, since I've been dealing with 'something' since New Year's Day.. ugh!!! Good luck, thanks for comments, and I hope you're better real fast!!